Thoughts on Cinema


The cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.”  – Alfred Hitchcock

I’m a pretty steadfast believe in the idea that cinema can be a culmination of art and entertainment. I don’t think either of those entities can be rejected when making a film because they encompass the very basis of what cinema has evolved into since its beginnings. I don’t understand the people who say cinema is only for entertainment because that completely rejects the idea that it can be categorized among literature, photography, poetry and painting… all of which are an essential part of cinema. The scriptwriters practice literature, the cinematographers practice photography, the lyricists and music composers practice poetry, song, dance and emotion and the director paints a vision. It is obvious cinema is an art form, and with that, it can also be quite entertaining. Thus, I don’t understand the people who say cinema is not meant to entertain but is only a serious art either because then, you are eliminating the possibility of film being able to bring joy, connection and unity to divided world. I believe, like most arts, movies are a global entity and are a key to helping us understand cultures, practices and people whom we may have never bothered to meet before. Cinema does this through entertainment. We laugh at comedies, marvel at fantasies, scream at horrors, grin at action and cry in dramas. It’s all a part of how art can teach us and give us important messages through a medium of entertainment. So, much like those long and arduous, often frustrating discussions of whether cinema is an art or entertainment, I say replace that or with an and …. then, you will get the essence of cinema.


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