Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Akira Kurosawa

Alfred Hitchcock stated that in film, the director is ‘God’. This is quite a repertoire the position of filmmaker has built for itself, and appropriate because what does a director do, but create a world of his own, from scratch? The greatest of filmmakers are the ones who, with each film build a world that defines them, and with each film, make that world a little bit different but no less important to who they are. Jaws is on the opposite spectrum of film as Lincoln, but both are essential to understanding the oeuvre of Steven Spielberg, because they both essentially embody the artist he was and has evolved into today. For what it’s worth, here are 10 filmmakers (in alphabetical order) to whom I owe my love for cinema to, and those who I will thank for their endless inspiration when I make my own films:

Charlie Chaplin

David Lynch

Govind Nihalaani

Hayao Miyazaki

Jean-Pierre Melville

Martin Scorsese

Sergio Leone

Steven Spielberg

Terrence Malick

Werner Herzog


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